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CBS installs acorn Stairlifts

A Safe Way To Get Up & Down Your Stairs

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Do you or someone you love have to constantly sacrifice your lifestyle because you can no longer get up and down the stairs safely? If so, we can provide you with the perfect solution by installing an Acorn Stairlift. An Acorn Stairlift will help you regain both your independence and freedom while staying in the home you love. Each Acorn Stairlift offers the best in design, engineering and customer satisfaction and has a fold-away design which gives full access to your steps when needed. You'll be pleased to know that one of our certified technicians can fit, test and demonstrate your new Stairlift in under an hour. If you're interested in learning more about Acorn Stairlifts, give us a call today and we'll be more than happy to assist you!

Acorn Stairlifts can be installed both inside and outside. If you'd like an Acorn Stairlift installed inside, we'll mount the Stairlift to your staircase and not your wall, which involves no major structural changes. If you'd like an Acorn Stairlift installed outside, we'll fit the Stairlift to the steps rather than the wall which will also involves no major structural changes.

An Acorn Stairlift For All Staircases

That high-trained team at Acorn realizes that every staircase is different which is why they've designed a specific Stairlift to accommodate every staircase. For example, the Acorn Super-Glider is designed for straight staircases and the Acorn 80 Curve is designed for more complex staircases. There is also the Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift, which is an outdoor Stairlift and a wheelchair user accessible Stairlift for those who needs it. You don't have to worry about whether or not your staircase is right for an Acorn Stairlift, you can rest assured knowing we have the perfect Stairlift for you!

Acorn Stairlift Options

  • Super-glide Stairlifts- This Stairlift is designed for more complex staircases and provides the most versatility. This design allows for the Acorn 80 Curved Stairlift to tackle practically any staircase.
  • Acorn 80 Curved Stairlifts- This Stairlift is designed for complex staircases and provides the extreme versatility.  This Stairlift can tackle practically any staircase.
  • Perch Stairlifts- This Stairlift is ideal for when the user/s have trouble bending at the knee. 
  • Sit/Stand Stairlifts- This Stairlift has the features of both the perch Stairlifts and the standard Stairlifts. It allows for the user/s to choose whether or not they want to sit or stand when using it.
  • Hinged Rail- The hinged rail is used when the standard rail may present an obstruction to a doorway at the foot of your stairs. 
  • Outdoor Stairlifts- This Stairlift is perfect for year round outdoor use and is fully weatherproofed.
  • The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift- This Stairlift is perfect for any outdoor stairs. The Outdoor Stairlift is fitted to the steps and not the wall which requires no significant structural changes. It folds out of the way when not in use.
  • Vertical Stairlifts- This Stairlift is perfect for wheelchairs.
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Acorn Stairlifts Features

1) Comfortable padded Seat and Backrest for maximum comfort.
2) Simple two direction switch is easy to use.
3) Secure safety Belt.
4) Folding arms, footrest and seat allow easy access to the stairway.
5) Swivel seat- no need for twisting the body to get on and off the lift.
6) Fits directly to your stairs and plugs into a dedicated UK mains electrical socket, so no structural or electrical changes are needed to be made to your staircase or home.
7) The Stairlift can be safely locked and deactivated with a key.
8) Simple digital display shows correct functioning and quickly diagnoses any problems.
9) For added safety, the Stairlift has five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage that immediately stop the lift at any obstruction on your staircase.
10) Two remote controls, with large easy to use buttons, come as standard to call the lift upstairs and downstairs.

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