Are You Looking for Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel and Look More Like a Spa?
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Incorporate These Simple Ideas Into Your Bathroom Space

Get the Lighting Right, Prepare for Pampering, Create an Open Space and More!

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Start Feeling Zen in No Time

An itinerary of facials, relaxation, and cucumber water doesn’t need to be limited to a weekend getaway - transform your own bathroom into your everyday spa. Create luxury in a room that is made for self-pampering, but is often set up to help you get out the door as quickly as possible. Slow down and make your bathroom into a sophisticated space, without a major remodel. Give your bathroom all of the qualities you look forward to when making a trip to the spa: ambiance, serenity, and cleanliness. Think calming colors, open space, strategic lighting, and comforting details. A minor makeover doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking, and more importantly, it doesn’t require too much time. Just a few easy updates and a little creativity go a long way. Ready to start your very own spa experience? Incorporate these simple ideas into your bathroom space, and you’ll be feeling Zen in no time.

    Get the lighting right

    Change the energy of your bathroom with simple lighting adjustments—add a light dimmer or even place candles around the perimeter of the room for softer ambiance. Bring life into the space with hanging plants, or even a small aquarium if space provides.

    Prepare for Pampering

    Stock up on your favorite spa indulgences so you can treat yourself at home. Store everything from sheet masks to body scrubs and bring the spa experience to life by displaying them on open shelves or in glass jars on your counter top—both as decoration and a reminder to make relaxation a priority.

    Create an Open Space

    Or at least give the illusion of it. Light wall colors and tiles, draping curtains, and plenty of mirrors help to give the room a calming airiness.

    Splurge on Shower Accessories

    The shower is the heart of the room—so make it as decadent as possible. Install a rainfall shower head for an extravagant experience. Or if you have a bathtub, get a tub tray and decorate it with beautiful soaps, hand towels, and even books.

    Add Texture

    Cozy towels, soft floor mats, and a luxurious robe are must-haves. Nothing exudes luxury quite like brand-new towels that complement your bathroom’s palette.

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