How Can You Ensure That Your Bathroom Is Safe and Secure for EVERYONE Who Uses It?
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Consider Accessibility Needs When Remodeling Your Bathroom(s)

Example: Open Storage Shelves Provide Easy Access to Towels, Washcloths, and Soap

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Be Safe and Stay Safe in Your Bathroom(s)!

First and foremost, when designing a bathroom that needs disability access, the individual's personal needs should be the number one priority. Luckily for you, our qualified team members here at Creative Access are fully equipped to make your bathroom more accessible for you or the one(s) you love.

If you're looking to have more than just your bathroom remodeled with disability access, not a problem! In addition to our bathroom modifications, we also offer a wide variety of home modification options as well. When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing that we'll make your entire home safe and secure!

Creative Bath Systems Credentials - VA approved, Medicaid Waiver approved, Transitional DD provider, Passport approved, Certified mobility consultant.

The following accessibility guideline for a bathroom will help ensure that your bathroom(s) look good and functions well, no matter who uses them.


    The door into the bathroom, and other doors in the house, should be a minimum of 34 inches wide and should have levers instead of door knobs. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a 5-foot turning radius for a wheelchair. But if space is tight, the remodeling company may be able to make do with less. (The 5-foor turning radius) may not always be needed, especially with an electric chair, which will easily turn.

    Curbless Shower Stall

    The shower stall should be at least 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep with no curb. If a client insists on a curb, use a rubber one that the chair can roll over. Most clients transfer to a net shower chair with wheels, but a built-in shower seat is another possibility. Sloping the floor toward the drain 6 inches outside of the shower curtain, if there is a shower curtain at all. Most European showers are open, and the same style is often used in high-end baths in the U.S.

    Hand-Held Shower

    The slider bar for the shower hose and head 4 feet off the floor so that the head can slide up to 6 feet high. Always use a shower valve that is thermostatically controlled and pressure-balanced to prevent his clients from scalds. If the client wants a full body wash, you can include a regular shower head as well. To avoid an institutional look, he recommends grab bars that are colored instead of chrome.

    Clearance Beneath The Sink

    Plan on 27 inches of clearance under the sink for the wheelchair. The top of the sink should be 32 to 34 inches off the floor. A trap is available now that goes back toward the wall, or into the wall. The faucets can be fitted on the side of the sink to make them easier to reach. Or install infra-red faucets that detect motion. Hang the mirror low enough for a seated person to see themselves, and tip the top of the mirror out.

    Toilet Placement

    Ideally, the toilet should be positioned between two support bars 36 inches apart. A toilet seat 17 inches off the floor is a more comfortable height for everyone. If the client can afford it, get one of the newer combination toilet/bidets.

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