How Can You Achieve Both Luxury and Affordability in Your Bathroom?
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With the Right Tips, It's Possible to Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

The Right Bathroom Remodeling Options Can Offer Quality and Affordability

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Bathroom Remodeling for Luxury and Affordability

If your tub is grimy, your sink dreary, and your bathroom somewhat scary, then you're more than likely dreaming of a new one. The thought of tearing up your bathroom and beginning an extensive renovation might seem like a complete nightmare though. However, with the right bathroom remodeling options offering quality and affordability, it’s possible to get the bathroom you've always dreamed of without destruction and without breaking the bank!

A Luxurious Bathroom No Matter What Size

Regardless of your bathroom's size, it can become a luxurious place where you can go to escape. Many bathroom remodeling projects involve a home's common bathroom which may range from small to medium-sized but not quite as big as a master bath. Even the smallest of full bathrooms deserve to have a touch of luxury through its appearance, accessories, and other features.

These Ways Can Help You Save and Add Value:

    1. Decide where to splurge and where to save
    Certain parts of your bathroom will function the same whether you spend a little money or a lot. For instance, lighting and plumbing fixture finishes tend to be higher priced based on their design or the material used rather than performance. So choosing basic finishes for your faucet or less extravagant lighting fixtures can save you money without sacrificing quality. The goal is to decide what you want in your bathroom and then splurge on one particular area.

    2. Minimize layout changes
    One of the most expensive parts of a bathroom renovation involves the layout changes. If you can work with your sink, toilet, tub and (or) shower as they are, it can help reduce the costs. You can still swap out your vanity and change the look of your bathroom without having to move plumbing and (or) electricity. Focus on things like painting, replacing fixtures, installing a new wall surround, and adding brand new accessories instead. A replacement bathtub or shower might also be suitable for a new look with less hassle and affordable quality.

    3. Plan for the Future
    When it comes to remodeling, it's essential to think about the future; whether you plan to stay at your home or eventually move. Factors like resale value and appeal are important to consider now rather than later. One thing that can pay off in the future is the installation of both safety and accessibility features. These features can include handrails, non-skid surfaces, and a large shower with a built-in seat. Larger showers are becoming more common for their luxury but are also useful for accessibility which is excellent, especially if you plan on staying at your home indefinitely and need a more accessible bathroom later in life. Or if you plan to sell your home in which case, accessible features can boost appeal as well as your home’s value.

The Bathroom You've Always Wanted Is Only an Arm Length Away!

Please note that is doesn't matter if you’re on a budget or looking for a less invasive solution, the right bathroom remodeling option is out there for you and the bathroom you've always wanted is only an arm length away! Additionally, smaller bathrooms can still feel luxurious while strategic changes can make a significant difference and once you've remodeled your bathroom, you can enjoy it for years to come by saying goodbye to those scary sights for good!

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