Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to the Struggle of Your Bathtub, Forever?
December 20th, 2019 8:04 pm

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Never Be Afraid to Bathe Again!

Your safety or the safety of your loved ones, should be a number one priority especially when it comes to ensuring a safe and secure bathing experience. Luckily for our customers here at Creative Bath Systems, we have a special division known as Creative Access which manages all of our special needs products and services. Creative Access will work alongside you to help your bathroom more accessible as well as the rest of your home.

How Can You Keep Your Bathroom Cozy Without Turning up the Thermostat?
December 19th, 2019 6:09 pm

Try One or More of These Ten Expert Tips

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Creative Bath Systems

Ten Simple-To-Sumptuous Ideas

While it's true that a bathroom's cold, hard surfaces may be functional, it's certainly nothing you would want to snuggle up to on a chilly morning. Thankfully, you can kiss those shivers goodbye with these ten simple-to-sumptuous ideas that'll keep your bathroom warm and cozy without turning up the thermostat.

    01. Pre-Warm Your Towels

    There are several ways you can get the job done. You can throw your bath towels in the dryer or store on a hot radiator for 20 minutes...

This Guide Will Help You Plan a Functional and Beautiful Bathroom Layout
December 18th, 2019 7:13 pm

Configure a Comfortable Space That Meets Your Family's Needs

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Creative Bath Systems

Take Time to Assess Your Needs and Devise an Efficient Layout

Whether you're remodeling or building, designing the bathroom of your dreams is an exciting and thoughtful process. In order to help bring your dream bath into focus, take time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout. With a smart strategy in place, it's easier to set a budget, hire contractors, and shop for beautiful finishes.

A functional floor plan is the key to building and remodeling success. To determine space-...

Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Are Something a Homeowner Just Can't Have Too Much Of
December 17th, 2019 6:32 pm

Consider the Following Hot New Trends in Home Bathroom Remodeling

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Creative Bath Systems

Commercial, Hotels & Multi-Units Acrylic Bathtub Liners and Wall Surrounds

Regardless if your project entails DIY bathroom remodeling or custom bathroom contractor services, trendy home bathroom remodeling ideas are something a homeowner just can't have too much of.

Hot New Bathroom Trends

The hottest trends for high-end bathroom construction and modern home bathroom designs paint a more versatile picture than years past. Gone are the restra...

If Your Commercial Bathrooms Are in Need of a Serious Upgrade, We've Got You Covered!
December 16th, 2019 6:54 pm

Enlist in Our Commercial Bathroom Services Today!

We'll Ensure Quick Results, No Mess, and Considerably Less Cost!

Creative Bath Systems

Commercial, Hotels & Multi-Units Acrylic Bathtub Liners and Wall Surrounds

Do you own or operate, or are you purchasing a hotel or a multi-unit building such as a condo or apartment complex? Great for healthcare facilities, occupational therapists, rehab facilities and VA hospitals. One of the most attractive features to any renter, tenant or lodger is the bathroom facilities that your business will provide for them. Think about it. Ever gone on a business trip and stayed at an old hotel with a gross, decaying, disgusting shower and bathtub syste...

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