Creative Bath Systems Can Install Your Brand New Barrier Free Shower Today!
October 8th, 2016 12:05 pm

Let Us Eliminate The Barriers!

Creative Bath Systems

At Creative Bath Systems, we're well aware of the fact that FAR too many people struggle each and every day with trying to get over the high sides walls of their bathtub. As a team, we don't feel that anyone should have to struggle with this problem any longer, which is why we'd be more than happy to install our superior Barrier Free Showers. With the installation of our Barrier Free Shower, we will eliminate the high side walls altogether thus eliminating the struggle. When you have one of our Barrier Free Shower installed, it'll ensure that your bathing experience is easier and much more enjoyable. Fun Fact: Creative Bath Systems Barrier Free Shower also play a part in reducing the number of slipping and falling that occurs annually in the bathroom area while entering and exiting the bathtub!

Our Barrier Free Showers offer a convenient alternative to a traditional bathtub and are 100% user-friendly, safe, and allow for an...

Creative Bath Systems Custom Designs & Builds Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps!
October 7th, 2016 4:31 pm

About Our Custom Designed Wheelchair Ramps

Creative Bath Systems

At Creative Bath Systems, we make it one of our top priorities to provide our customers with all of the products and services they need to age in place while staying in the home they love. One of the ways that we successfully achieve this is by custom designing and building outdoor wheelchair ramp for individuals who struggle to get in and out of their home due to their wheelchair. Our superior outdoor wheelchair ramps will not only meet all of your expectation but will exceed them as well! Our clients can rest assured knowing that each one of our customized wheelchair ramps is crafted using pressure treated wood which will not only provide superior structural integrity but will also provide enhanced stability. Our customers can also rest assured knowing that our wheelchair ramps are 100% safe and secure for ALL those who use it. When we custom design and build our outdoor wheelchair ramps, they are professionally c...

Don't Believe Everything You Hear - Let Us Set The Record Straight!
October 6th, 2016 4:53 pm

Myths & misconceptions about the "big" companies!

Here's The Truth:

Creative Bath Systems
  • We ALL buy from factories which means that we're ALL factory direct.
  • No, it doesn't matter where you buy from, ALL manufacturers carry lifetime warranties.
  • No, you won't find another company that can offer you the thickest acrylic bathtub liners that we do because there is only ONE manufacturer that produces the THICKEST acrylic bathtub liners & wall surrounds and Creative Bath Systems carries them EXCLUSIVELY!
  • No, their product is not superior to ours. As previously stated above, we carry the thickest liners. We offer our clients the best products and the best services at the absolute best prices!
  • No, not every bathtub liner will need to be custom fitted to f...
If You Let Us, We Can Convert Your Old Tub Into A New Showering System!
October 5th, 2016 6:04 pm

Our Superior Bathtub To Shower Conversion

Creative Bath Systems

Do you have a dull old bathtub? Do you wish that you had a shower instead? If you answered yes to either of the questions above, then Creative Bath Systems has got the solution for you! Our highly trained team of specialist can perform our bathtub to shower conversion where you'll end up with a brand new and elegant showering system! With our tub to shower conversion, our highly trained team of technicians will install an acrylic shower base along with acrylic shower walls. When you choose Creative Bath Systems, you can rest assured knowing that our acrylic bathtub liners and wall surrounds are the THICKEST liners available on the market! At Creative Bath Systems, we guarantee that you won't find another company who can offer you the "thickest" acrylic bathtub liners because we carry them EXCLUSIVELY! With Creative Bath Systems, you can be sure that your new shower system will last...

Creative Bath Systems Full Bathroom Remodeling Services
October 4th, 2016 3:42 pm

Let Us Fully Remodel Your Bathroom Today!

Creative Bath Systems

The Creative Bath Systems team consists of specialist who would be more than happy to come to your house, explain to you and show you all of our available bathroom options and help you design the bathroom of your dreams! Once we've worked with you and have successfully created your brand new bathroom design plan, we'll get started on the construction of your new bathroom right away! Working with Creative Bath Systems means that you can rest assured knowing that during the development and construction process, we'll be there to ensure that the design plan and the building process is precisely the way you want it! At Creative Bath Systems, we ALWAYS go above and beyond for our customers!

Choosing The Right Vanity Cabinet

In the bathroom industry, it's a well-known fact that the vanity cabinet in a bathroom is one of the most important fixture...

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